Sunday, July 15, 2012

Two weeks home...

It's hard to believe that we've been home for just over two weeks now.  I already can't remember or even imagine life without Maggie.  She brings so much joy not just to me but to all of our family and friends.  My girl is happy 99% of the time and she lets you know by grinning and waving to just about everyone we see.

The first few days home were a little tough.  Maggie woke at 3:30am happy as can be and ready to start her day.  Since I couldn't resist her sweet smile and her waving to me from her crib, I obliged.  By 10am we were both ready to go back to bed!  Thankfully that only lasted a few days and then we were on a pretty normal schedule.  Most nights she sleeps through the night but will occasionally wake up for a middle of the night bottle.

We had our first visit to the pediatrician the day after we arrived home.  Maggie is a tiny little thing weighing only 15 pounds.  It makes me sad to think that she didn't get enough formula or nutrients while living in the orphanage.  Our goal right now is to get some meat on her bones!!  We are still working on getting her to eat and seem to make a little more progress each and every day.  Puffs have become a favorite and she is starting to eat baby food like a champ!  Unfortunately, she only only gained 1.5 ounces in the two weeks we've been home so we are going to meet with a nutritionist and an occupational therapist to help with meal time.

First ride in the stroller - we took a walk to Grandpa's house

Madison and Karsen were the first to get Maggie to actually put food in her mouth!!

 3:30am play time :-)

She still LOVES the water and had a blast in the kiddie pool that Uncle Tim bought her!

 My beautiful girl on July 4, 2012

Maggie and Uncle Tim - she had so much fun with him and we were so sad to see him go :-(

 We celebrated her 1st birthday with family and friends - again!

Turns out she LOVES ice cream cake and it was one of the few things she would put in her mouth!

Getting ready for some pool time

 Our cousin Jill came for a visit and when I looked out the window I saw the two of them having a blast - giggling, talking, singing and just getting to know each other.  We LOVE Jill!!!

 Had a great visit with some great friends

 Lots of play time

My girl has some CRAZY hair!!  Every morning she wakes up with a Mohawk!!

Lately she has been so funny when I try to put her down for the night.  I give her a bottle, rock her and sing to her and she just about falls asleep.  Once she sleeping I put her in the crib that she's been sleeping in in my room.  Last night I put her in the crib and was sitting on my bed watching TV.  All of a sudden I saw some black spiked hair pop up, then one little hand, then another and all of a sudden her face with the biggest smile and giggles!!!  I called Katie to come up to see and we were crying we laughed so hard. It was hilarious!!!  I just love my happy, happy girl :-)

She is doing so well and I really feel like she is already so comfortable with me, my family and our new home.  She recognizes me as the one who takes care of all of her needs and has just recently started babbling "mamamamama".  My heart melts.


  1. Replies
    1. Loved the update Suzie. Reading about your journey is like a good book you don't want to put down :)

  2. She is beautiful. I am so glad it is going so well.

  3. I so agree with Amy it is like a good book. I cant wait for the next chapter! My heart melts hearing about the joys and even the food trials you are having. I know you will over come that hurdle in life. She has the best mom in the world!! How can she not!!

  4. What a beautiful baby. She is perfect. So happy for you!

  5. P.S. Maggie is one of my favorite names in the whole wide world!